Wireless Mono Bluetooth Headset H5

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Since I started using the Wireless Mono Bluetooth Headset H5, I have become more productive simply because my hands are free now when I talk over phone. The best part with my headset is that it provides long battery backup. With up to 7.5 hrs talk time I run at minimum risk from any kind of interruption in between telephonic conversation. My ultra small 30 x 23mm headset is not just a fashion statement for me, it also put minimum pressure on my ear. I do not feel like wearing anything while using it. That’s great, especially because I travel a lot and talk on the go.

I will give it a higher score than any other headsets which I used earlier primarily because of its loud audio feature. It’s a kick for me regarding my experience with sounds in headsets. Now I dare to talk on with my international clients even when I am passing through a busy marketplace.

 When the outer ambience is loud, I can make my headset sound louder. With echo and noise reduction technology, it provides superb clarity in audio. Moreover, it’s a Bluetooth enabled device, so you can receive your calls more smartly here. It also uses UK CSR chip, thus get better calling and receiving experience with it.

It looks awesome when you wear it. Moreover, you can like it for its flexible ear hook which helps it to fit into either of your ears conveniently. Although the current design is quite smart, yet if you crave for variety, you have to be a little disappointed. So every time I watch some stranger or my friends to use the same item, I wish to have one with slight variations in design and color. However, I sincerely don’t mind using it as long as it keeps on serving me with its awesome functionality.

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Wireless Mono Bluetooth Headset H5

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This article was published on 2011/03/18