Ways of using a wireless headset

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Headsets allow us to listen with an earpiece to audio from cell phones or chat lines and to respond using the built-in microphone. Wireless headset technology is now found in many new telephones, cell phones and computers and makes communication incredibly easy before; however, if you have never used a wireless headset before, a few simple tips will help you to take full advantage of this innovative technology.


Buy a wireless headset that fits you comfortably, has any additional features that you need and of course that is compatible with your cellular phone while falling into your budget. Bluetooth headsets are the industry standard and are the most compatible with today's technology. Wireless headsets are also available for landline telephones; however, take into consideration the range of the headset and compatibility with other technology.


Become familiar with all of the buttons and features of your wireless headset before you use it for the first time. Once you have memorized the buttons and slipped the headset over your ear, you can easily turn the headset off and on, answer or hang up a phone call and adjust volume.


Troubleshoot wireless headset problems by ensuring your phone, cell phone or computer is within the proper range and not obstructed by other objects. Your cell phone must have a fully charged battery for best performance, but most wireless setups will also allow you to select from multiple channels for top possible signal. Finally, if the batteries in the headset itself are going bad, the signal may begin to fail.


Keep your headset in standby mode when you're not using it to ensure it is usually ready to accept a call. When your GN Netcom headset is powered on but not in use it will automatically go into standby mode. You can power the headset off and on by holding down the button on the rear of the headset and waiting to hear two beeps. The light on the back will blink when the headset is in standby mode.

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Ways of using a wireless headset

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This article was published on 2010/09/29