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Any business can benefit from the facility to talk freely yet still leave the hands free to multi task. A headset will allow the user to continue performing a variety of tasks that require two hands and possibly the freedom to move around the room.

A headset may be used in many environments including offices; stockrooms; hospitals and clinics; schools and colleges and any working environment where a conventional telephone handset might be ergonomically nonviable.

The days when headsets constituted clumsy headbands with comical teacup sized pads over each ear are long gone. Nowadays, a headset is a discreet wire band with perhaps only one tiny earpiece that rests comfortably and a miniature mouth piece that tucks across the cheek. Those who wear them hardly know they are there and once a headset has been used to allow the worker free use of their hands, they seldom return to a conventional telephone handset.

Plantronics are the foremost manufacturers of headsets and their range of models covers combination to suit anyone. It is possible to use a headset that features only one earpiece, or both, or one that is specifically for use with a computer instead of with the telephone. The advantage of using a headset in a noisy environment is that the earpiece will effectively block out other sounds and limit intrusion, making the wearer more comfortable and thus decreasing environmental stress. The volume may be adjusted to suit the wearer.

In a business which requires constant telephone contact such as a call center, the headset is an indispensable asset and might be worn constantly while the user works on a computer screen and maintains a steady conversation with the caller. In the days when a handset was the only option, users struggled and juggled while trying to type information onto a keyboard and keep the caller on the line at the same time.

When considering purchasing a Plantronics headset, decide whether your headset will be required for use with your mobile or whether it will be used solely for working at home or at the office. A headset may be used with your mobile, while driving perhaps, using Blue tooth technology.

Using a headset with your computer for gaming can increase your enjoyment significantly by improving the sound quality and producing a more realistic gaming experience, eliminating outside noise intrusion. The headset simply plugs into the USB port on your computer and it may then be used for Skype and VoIP, improving reception and leaving your hands free for other tasks.

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Popular Headsets
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Popular Business Headsets - Plantronics Headsets

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This article was published on 2010/03/30