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If your business requires your telephone operators to be hands free to type onto a computer keyboard or to stack shelves or to drive a stockroom vehicle, a GN Netcom Headset can be a successful solution for communication with flexibility and freedom.

A headset can take all the stress out of making the contortions necessary when you have to cope with a caller at the same time as performing a desktop task such as typing or searching through a busy stockroom for the product the caller is inquiring about.

The phone handset is passed from one shoulder to another, possibly dropped in the process, cutting off the caller and causing untold aggravation for the operator and the client. A headset eliminates all of these problems and allows the operator to use both hands to search, open boxes, pack, type or perform any task that requires contact handling.

A neat and compact headset features a small earpiece and a tiny microphone which sits near the cheek of the wearer. It is so comfortable that many operators forget they are wearing it and frequently walk off site still wearing their headset, only to have to turn around at the gate to take it back to the office!

Intrusive sounds may be effectively reduced by earpiece technology and sound quality is improved radically, providing for fewer errors when taking down stock numbers and product serial numbers: an asset to any business. The headset allows the user a deeper concentration by the elimination of other sounds and not only when dealing with numbers: callers experience a better service from operators who are better able to concentrate on the conversation with the client rather than interior office sounds.

Greater concentration produces better results and higher profits: call time is significantly reduced as vital information is imparted in the early stages rather than over a ten minute call where the client must repeat their requirement several times before the operator is finally able to hear over the noisy office environment. Where several operators work side by side, headsets are a vital accessory to block out other noises and chatter.

When shopping for headsets, buy the very best quality you can afford and the most comfortable fit. If your working environment is particularly noisy, opt for double ear pads to further eliminate noise aggravation and take advice from your headset supplier when choosing the right model to ensure compatibility with your telephone system. There are even headsets which cater for the hearing impaired, featuring an inbuilt hearing aid.

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GN Netcom Headsets - Selecting Business Headsets

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GN Netcom Headsets - Selecting Business Headsets

This article was published on 2010/03/30