Bluetooth Headsets Important Features

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Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most important quality. If you can’t hear or be heard, then the call you are making is pointless. Poor headsets may have static, poor microphones, speakers, or poor placement of those elements. If you’ve ever made a call and the person on the other end is complaining about not being able to hear you, it is usually a sign of a bad headset.

Noise Canceling

Another factor that makes sound quality good is physical and electronic enhancements. Physical enhancements help block out unwanted noise and wind with screens or filters on the headset. On the electronic level, there are noise canceling features. Noise canceling features are becoming pretty standard, although not every brand has a good noise canceling system as others. Test it out or read about other users’ experiences before settling.

Battery Life

Others will prize the battery life of a headset. Most headsets come with pretty good batteries made to last for 5 or more hours of conversation without having to recharge. Some even come with recharging cases so you can extend that talk time during downtime. Some batteries do not last as long as the manufacturer says it does. Check with user reviews to make sure they are actually living up to advertisements.


For some, comfort tops this list as well. If you can’t wear a headset without it hurting, then you won’t want to use it at all. If it doesn’t fit, you couldn’t even use it if you wanted to. There are usually customization extras added to most bluetooth headsets to ensure that you will have a better experience though. Weight and design of the headset also factor into how comfortable it will be for you. Comfort is something you can sort of go by when taking other people’s advice. However the shape of your ears and head can be pretty unique and may not match what others have experienced.

And More?

There are other little things like ease of use, convenience of buttons, size of buttons, color and other features that will affect how users like a headset. The look or color may be a deal breaker for some people, and this is all left up to personal preferences.

For a more detailed and updated listing see this best bluetooth headsets site. The top 5 bluetooth headsets for this year include the Plantronics Discovery 975, Jawbone Icon, BluAnt Q2, Voyager 510, and the Voyager Pro. The majority of this list is dominated by the Plantronics bluetooth headset.

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Bluetooth Headsets Important Features

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This article was published on 2011/01/03